Counter Top Scale Printer uni-5

Counter Top Scale Printer

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The Uni-5 Series packs many features into an attractive low profile, small footprint case. The 7 inch color touch panel is easy to master. The membrane keyboard contains standard function keys and can be customized to include PLU, tare, and category presets plus a large number of specialized functions. Icons identify connectivity status, printing mode, and USB port. The programmable color touchscreen can be configured with three key sizes and up-to twenty presets per page. Get all the functions of the UNI-7 with this entry level model from the UNI series. The Ishida Uni-5 Series includes Ethernet (100Mps) for connection to PC and other scales. Monochrome customer display and side loaded labels.


– Large color touchscreen
– Dual-range weighing (0-15 lb x 0.005 lb/15-30 lb x 0.01 lb)
– Ethernet communications
– Up to 99 pages of speed keys
– Adjustable touchscreen viewing angle
– 77 tactile keys
– 4 MB of memory
– Grayscale LCD customer-side display
– Self-serve mode/operation
– 30+ selectable fixed bar code formats
*Compatible with third-party communication software, including Invatron’s PLUM